the town of Itawah near Agra

Born in 1920, in the town of Itawah near Agra, UP India.

Zamir-ul-Hasan was the only male child left in the family after his elder brother’s sad demise. Syed Zamir-ul-Hasan’s ancestors hailed from a town Shooshter (pronounced as Shuster in India & Pakistan), now in Iran’s mainly Arabic, oil rich Khuzestan Province closed to the Iraqi border. Approximately, 4 centuries ago, his ancestors migrated from Shuster along with Qazi Syed Noor Ullah Shusteri (Shaheed-e-Salis – The 4th Martyr), to Agra.

In Itawah, India, 21st Ramadan Majlis and Procession was first organized by his maternal uncle and Zamir-ul-Hasan was one of the organizers. It was this maternal legacy which Syed Zamir-ul Hasan Moosvi brought to Karachi in 1947.

The 60's

the instructions of the Federal Government

In 1961, the venue, on the instructions of the Federal Government, was again shifted to the present center of Karachi’s mourning congregations,
Nishtar Park.Among the primary speakers at Nishtar Park on 21st Ramadan’s Majalis since then were; Maulana Mohammad Naqi, Mufti
Naseer-ul-Ijtehadi, and Allama Talib Jauhari.

Maulana Mohammad Naqi addressed the 21st Ramadan Majalis at Nishter Park for almost 25 consecutive years followed by Allama Talib Jauhari, for almost 2 decades.